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What is Zitro Farms?

Zitro Farm's is South Carolina's premium indoor CBD flower cultivator.
We started out our journey in 2020. In the years since hemp farming has become legal, we saw that South Carolina is lacking indoor-grown CBD flower. Cody, our founder, saw the problem and decided to create a lifestyle around addressing the issues that the hemp industry is suffering from.
Cody has personally seen the positive effects of CBD and medical cannabis over the overtly prescribed opioids, pain killers, and the infamous cocktail of pills many military veterans succumb to. From family members to veterans, we have seen lab-made medicines devastate and change their lives for the worse. After introducing and teaching the benefits of the hemp and cannabis plant, we have seen our loved ones completely stop their abuse of drugs that were legally prescribed to them.  

Everyone deserves to have natural, healthy, and organic medicine. Zitro Farms will advocate for the fight to have medical-legal cannabis in South Carolina. While also setting the standard for how hemp should be grown, sold, and distributed to South Carolinians.
Our Company

Zitro Farms is a veteran and family-owned Premited Hemp Farmer in Charleston County, South Carolina. Our goal is to bring Premium indoor CBD flower to South Carolina. The positive pressure indoor facility allows us to be 100% Organic, climate controlled, and pesticide-free.


Why Zitro?

Cultivate South Carolina's premium indoor flower. A medicine that is organically grown and never seen chemicals touch it. A product that you trust.

Environment & Sustainability

Zitro Farms cultivates organically and without chemicals. This applies to everything grown inside and outside. All products we recommend or sell are sourced from local South Carolina farmers. We are able to track every product to the source, giving our customers transparcy. 

Cpl Julian "Zitro" Ortiz was my best friend since meeting him in high school. We always had the same classes, on the same teams, and even joined the Marine Corps together. Although we were separated by different bases and deployments, we always remained close. 

After two deployments, I started to see a different man. With mistreated PTSD and alcohol controlling his life, our phone calls became darker. On February 22nd, 2013, after a long phone call that ended with laughter, I woke up the next day hearing that he had taken his own life.

Julian had always pushed me to be better and I always looked to him for reason and logic. Since that last phone call, I have been looking for something to make him proud. Something that could change people's lives for the better, and I found that with Hemp and its endless possibilities. 

So strap in Julian, we're going to show the world how hemp can be a change for the better.

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